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Your 90% pains and disorders STOP here !


Pain's nature is complex as it involves muscle, spine and nerves. No single therapy can heal all pains & disorders. Therefore, we integrated natural therapies from East and West to offers an ideal solution to pain sufferers - Success Rate exceeds 93% !!!!


【3-IN-1 Treatment - Spine, Muscle & Nerve Care】

- No Drugs

- Non-Invasive

- No Side-Effects

- Safe & Effective


Pains: Lower Back Pain / Neck & Shoulder Pain / Migraine / Sciatic Pain / Period Pain / Scoliosis etc.


Disorders: Insomnia / Stress & Anxiety / Fatigue / Digestive Problems / Sinus / Respiratory Problems / Urinary Incontinence / High Blood Pressure / Obesity / Ovarian & Uterine Problems / Premenstrual Syndrome etc.


📍【KL Branch】 *Mobile Service Only - Appointment booking required

Tel:+6010-665 2483



您90%疼痛与失调的《终点站》 !





- 无药物

- 无侵入性

- 无副作用

- 安全有效


疼痛: 腰痛、颈肩痛、偏头痛、坐骨神经痛、经痛、脊椎侧弯等


失调: 失眠、压力及焦虑、疲累、肠胃问题、鼻窦炎、呼吸道问题、尿失禁、高血压、肥胖、子宫卵巢问题等


📍【吉隆坡分站】 *只提供流动服务,需提前预约

电话:+6010-665 2483

Drugless Spine & Pain Care Treatment - KL Branch Mobile Service


    Drugless Pain Care Treatment




    Items sold are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable.

    In the case of item exchange, all items returned must be in their original condition - unused, unaltered, unopened, unwashed etc. with all the tags and the original packaging (including boxes, packaging and tags).

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