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Organ Detoxification


Have you cleaned your ORGANS today?


Comfortably eliminating TOXINS: BPA, Pesticide, Nicotine, Heavy Metals, Fats, etc. from your organs & skin.


Heart 心

  • Tongue ulcer

  • Acne on forehead

  • Insomnia, Palpitation

  • Chest tightness / Stabbing pain


Liver 肝

  • Ridges or bumps on fingers

  • Hyperplasia of mammary glands

  • Emotional, Depression

  • Migraine, Acne on face


Spleen 脾

  • Black spots on face

  • Leukorrhagia (White discharge)

  • Fat accumulation

  • Halitosis (Bad breath), Acne or ulcer near lips

Lung 肺

  • Discoloured skin, Dull skin

  • Constipation

  • Emotional, Sad

Kidney 肾

  • Menstrual disorders

  • Edema (Water retention)

  • Acne on lower jaw

  • Fatigue, Tiredness

Gallbladder 胆

  • Feeling weak, Tired, Sleepy

  • Loss appetite, Nausea & Vomit

  • Abnormal of metabolism of pigment, Jaundice

Stomach 胃

  • Stomach pain, Flatulence (Wind)

  • Tasteless tongue, Pale tongue

  • Tongue fungus (Thrush), Bad breath

  • Nausea & Vomit, Hiccup

  • Weakness in body & limbs

Large Intestine 大肠

Long Intestine.png
  • Hiccup, Wind, Farting

  • Diarrhea, Gastric ulcer

  • Constipation

  • Dull & Rough skin, Pore expansion

Small Intestine.png

Small Intestine 小肠

  • Ache on chin

  • Constipation, Dull & Discoloured skin

* Organ detoxification service is available at Sano Klang & Sano JB. only.

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